Senior Spotlight - Olivia Sekyra


Cadet Olivia Sekyra with uniform. American and Air Force Flags are behind her.

Cadet Olivia Sekyra

Hometown:  Birmingham, AL

Major: Criminology

AFSC:  71S – Office of Special Investigations (OSI)

Advice: “Never be afraid to try something out.”

This week’s Senior Spotlight is our Cadet Wing Commander, C/Col Olivia Sekyra.  Cadet Sekyra has always had a passion for law enforcement and investigation. Throughout her college career, Cadet Sekyra has enhanced her academic curriculum with opportunities for hands-on experience.  For the past few years she has been a student worker at the University Police Department and took part in a summer internship with the Office of Special Investigations at Columbus AFB.  Beyond leading, planning, and executing training for 95 members of the 425th Cadet Wing, Cadet Sekyra has also developed her leadership and organizational skills through leadership roles in Arnold Air Society at the Squadron and National level, and development of the Bully Force student organization. 

Cadet Sekyra is looking forward to commissioning in May and is eager to begin her OSI training.  We wish Cadet Sekyra the very best in all her future endeavors.

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