Manage Yourself, Lead your People

by C2C Persons

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Through the last 2 years in ROTC, I have learned many valuable lessons. All of which can be applied in everyday life. Management and leadership are two principles that I have learned to prioritize and consider in everything I do including school, work, and ROTC. I had to learn the difference between management and leadership, and when to use each.

Manage yourself. Management is a tedious assessment for me. I believed for a long time that I needed to manage my teams and take control of every task and job that needed to be done. I found that this would divide my team and create tense team relations. Management definitely does not always work in team situations but it can certainly work and is necessary for personal organization. I found through ROTC and through Field Training that plotting my day and making an agenda would keep me organized and properly use time. Managing my day was so effective that I brought into my life outside of ROTC, plotting my school days and the times between classes. Management is something that requires you to look at the big picture and plan every little task until the puzzle is complete. Once you've planned the smaller tasks in your day you execute and go about your business. Though tedious, it is now a very important part of my life.

Lead your people. When you are the leader of a given organized team you have one job to do, lead. Leading means different things to different people. For me, leading is something that you do by setting the example. You show your ability to make calls even in tough situations, your bearing and positivity in stressful situations, and your focus on the mission. My leadership style is one that requires me to set an example and be a lifting spirit. I know I can get discouraged quickly when I'm lead by negative leaders so I strive to be the positivity at all times. Influence is a great way to get people to follow you. When people want to follow something they will do so as long as it seems to align with their personal goals and if it appears positive. Smiles and looking at the bright side can lift your team to achieve greatness. Thinking positively and maintaining a positive attitude through verbal and nonverbal communication will decide the success of your team. No matter if I work, or lead a group leadership problem I need to maintain a positive attitude to keep my followers morale high and achieve our goals.

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