Reflection in AFROTC

by C1C Hurtado

Image of Bully sitting in cockpit of air plane

You will find success in AFROTC and in the classroom but it will take discipline and personal responsibility. As you make this transition from high school to college, I am jealous of you. I am jealous of all the people you will meet, all the football celebrations you will enjoy, and all the knowledge you will gain. As a senior cadet I walk around our campus and often stop to absorb our university’s rich history and traditions. The drill field is the center piece of the campus; where cadets of the past and present have come together to practice military drill. This is where YOU will follow in the footsteps of great military leaders. Davis Wade stadium has been home to college football’s most exciting games; where MSU jumped to #1 in the nation in 2014. This is where YOU will call home on fall Saturday nights. Walker Hall is home to the Department of Aerospace Engineering, which is a national leader in composites and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) research. If you choose a degree in Aeronautical or Astronautical Engineering, YOU will be involved with practical research in areas that are the future of Aerospace Engineering.

I have called Mississippi State home for 5 years now and it has gone too fast. From a cadet 4th class to Cadet Wing Commander, I have met a plethora of people and that is what makes our detachment so great. We have students coming to our detachment from all over the nation the diversity of our people is our strength. Just like the Air Force, the diversity of our team brings in new ideas, skillsets, and intellect. It is common at Detachment 425 to find yourself being pushed to your limits both physically and intellectually. With a detachment filled with some of the nation’s top high school graduates, it is your task to be their leader. This responsibility may sound exciting or intimidating and that is OK! We have a team of experienced Air Force officers and enlisted personnel committed to your AFROTC development. What sets our detachment apart is our southern hospitality. We strive to create a family atmosphere by providing a mentorship program, multiple intramural sports teams, and a family/alumni weekend. The family/alumni weekend is usually scheduled during the fall semester; welcoming cadet family members and alumni to tour the university campus and experience an SEC football game. Our goal for this event is to keep our family members and alumni informed on the success of our detachment. Detachment 425 introduced me to my best friends and I hope it does the same for you. Good Luck & Hail State!

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