Fall 2022 AFROTC Inprocessing

14 Aug 8:00 am

Middleton Hall 216

The purpose of this event is to process incoming students to be an active cadet for the Fall 2023 semester.

Please sign up here:  https://forms.office.com/r/EMTBwVC9SM

Please bring the following to Inprocessing:

  • Completed and signed sports physical, must be the official form (AFROTC Form 28) 
  • Your laptop and charger to set up a WINGS account
  • Social Security Card – Original, signed by applicant
  • Birth Certificate – Original, state certified copy with raised seal or if born abroad to US citizens, original Consular Report of Birth Abroad (FS-240)
  • Citizenship Documents, if applicable (Naturalization Certificate)
  • Selective Service Number (Males only): Bring the original or print-out from “Check a Registration” www.SSS.gov
  • Copy of SAT and or ACT test scores and date (official or unofficial)
  • Official high school transcript – mailed to detachment or signed and sealed by high school official and hand-carried
  • All transcripts of completed college work credited toward your undergraduate degree (except for MSU transcript)
  • Immunization/shot record (including Covid-19)


  • Junior ROTC (Can be official high school transcript), if applicable
  • Civil Air Patrol & Awards, if applicable
  • Eagle Scout/Gold Award, if applicable
  • DD Form 214 and or DD Form 4 (prior military enlistment), if applicable
  • DD Form 785 (prior service academy or officer accession training program), if applicable
  • Private Pilot’s License, if applicable

Please reach out via email, afrotc@afrotc.msstate.edu or via phone, 662-325-3810 for any questions/concerns.

We will have a table at each MSU Orientation event throughout the summer. Swing by and see us for information about the program!

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