Fall 2024 AFROTC Inprocessing

19 Aug

Middleton Hall 216

The purpose of this event is to process incoming students to be an active cadet for the Fall 2024 semester.

Please sign up here:  https://forms.office.com/r/EMTBwVC9SM

Please bring the following to Inprocessing:

  • Completed and signed sports physical, must be the official form (AFROTC Form 28) 
  • Your laptop and charger to set up a WINGS account
  • Social Security Card – Original, signed by applicant
  • Birth Certificate – Original, state certified copy with raised seal or if born abroad to US citizens, original Consular Report of Birth Abroad (FS-240)
  • Citizenship Documents, if applicable (Naturalization Certificate)
  • Selective Service Number (Males only): Bring the original or print-out from “Check a Registration” www.SSS.gov
  • Copy of SAT and or ACT test scores and date (official or unofficial)
  • Official high school transcript – mailed to detachment or signed and sealed by high school official and hand-carried
  • All transcripts of completed college work credited toward your undergraduate degree (except for MSU transcript)
  • Immunization/shot record


  • Junior ROTC (Can be official high school transcript), if applicable
  • Civil Air Patrol & Awards, if applicable
  • Eagle Scout/Gold Award, if applicable
  • DD Form 214 and or DD Form 4 (prior military enlistment), if applicable
  • DD Form 785 (prior service academy or officer accession training program), if applicable
  • Private Pilot’s License, if applicable

Please reach out via email, afrotc@afrotc.msstate.edu or via phone, 662-325-3810 for any questions/concerns.

We will have a table at each MSU Orientation event throughout the summer. Swing by and see us for information about the program!

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