Leadership Training

Cadets must attend Leadership Laboratory (LLAB) and Physical Training every semester until commissioning. 

Leadership Laboratory (LLAB)

LLAB provides prospective Air Force officers the opportunities and feedback needed to develop the leadership, managerial, and supervisory skills required of successful Air Force officers.  Cadets practice fundamental Air Force skills such as followership and leadership.  They are also introduced to Air Force customs, formal military events, are mentored by officers, and are given opportunities to visit Air Force installations.

Physical Training (PT)

PT is a mandatory training event that which provides cadets the opportunity to improve their fitness to meet and exceed Air Force Fitness Assessment standards and to become fit-to-fight.  Cadets are expected to incorporate fitness into their daily lives as PT alone will not prepare them to pass their Fitness Assessment

Field Training (FT)

FT is a capstone event for all AFROTC cadets between their AS200 (FTP) and AS300 (ICL) years.  A primary purpose of Field Training is to allow the staff to observe cadets in leadership positions. At Field Training you will implement the leadership skills learned during LLAB, PT, and AS class. You will be evaluated on your ability to lead and ranked against your peers.  


Cadets are classified into four categories during their career in AFROTC.

Initial Military Training (IMT)

Cadets who are part of the General Military Course (GMC) but are not scheduled to attend LEAD, normally AS100 cadets.  LLAB provides first-year cadets an informative and motivational program designed to recruit, retain, and familiarize cadets with the Air Force way of life and foster leadership, followership, teamwork, and esprit de corps.  First, LLAB provides new cadets with basic skills and knowledge needed to be a functional member of the cadet corps. Second, LLAB provides the IMT cadet with information they can use to determine whether or not they wish to continue with the AFROTC program and subsequently pursue an Air Force commission. Third, LLAB provides IMT cadets with activities designed to build camaraderie and esprit de corps, as well as help them develop leadership, followership, and teamwork skills.

Field Training Preparation (FTP)

GMC cadets scheduled to attend Field Training (FT) in the upcoming year, normally AS200 or AS500 cadets. LLAB provides cadets scheduled to attend FT with the mental and physical skills needed to succeed in the AFROTC FT environment.

Intermediate Cadet Leaders (ICL)

Cadets returning from Field Training, normally AS300 cadets. LLAB provides cadets returning from FT sufficient opportunities to demonstrate and develop the leadership and management skills needed to successfully function as active duty officers.

Senior Cadet Leaders (SCL)

Cadets scheduled to be commissioned in the upcoming year, normally AS400 cadets. LLAB provides cadets to be commissioned additional opportunities to demonstrate and develop the leadership and management skills needed to successfully function as an active duty officer and to adequately prepare them to transition from the AFROTC environment to active duty.

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